7 Healthy Holiday Tips for Employers

Dec 31, 2021  -  Nutrition & Wellness


Keeping your employees engaged and committed throughout the year is difficult, but it is even more difficult when the holiday season rolls around. Come December employees are outright exhausted and stressed with all the travel, parties, cooking, planning, shopping and the list goes on and on. Because of this, employees experience what is known as presenteeism where the employee is physically present at work but not necessarily mentally present. Making an effort to ease the stress of employees this time of year will go a long way for the health of the employee and the health of the business. There are many ways to show employees you care and are there for them, but here are 7 of my favorite tips for holiday wellness and to show employees you care!

  • Encourage Vacation. Holidays can be an especially busy and stressful time of the year all around. It is during this time of the year where employees may see a decline in productivity as they have other things preoccupying their minds. Communicating with employees that it is ok to take time off during the holidays will go a long way. By encouraging employees to take time off it’ll show them that you care and they’ll come back to the office mentally healthy and more productive. It is a true win, win situation.
  • Provide Stress Relief. To keep employees engaged and mentally healthy, employers should strive to provide a bit of stress relief at the office during the holiday season and even all year round. One way to provide some stress relief is to offer flexible working hours during the holiday season in particular. Many employers are actually doing this already! This gesture will promote positivity and show that you are prioritizing the well-being of the employees.
  • Wellness Workshops. Promote wellness throughout the month of December and of course ideally throughout the year. This initiative can include wellness workshops to keep health and wellness of employees a priority. Healthy employees, healthy business I like to say! Some possible workshop topics include:
    1. Meal preparation
    2. Stress management
    3. Meditation and Yoga sessions
    4. Financial wellness
    5. Weight management

A solid way to do this is to create a network of financial planners/advisors, nutritionists/dieticians, yoga and wellness instructors, etc. Bring in the experts to execute and provide the best possible service and education for the employees.

  • Healthy Potluck. It is no secret that the holidays bring about an overload of baked goods and an over abundance of unhealthy eating. The types of foods in a typical office potluck will likely leave employees returning to work sluggish and of course over-stuffed! By replacing the standard office potluck with healthier, more nutritious dishes will not only benefit the employees’ waistlines, but will leave them feeling satisfied and energize which will of course promote increased productivity. A healthy, holiday themed potluck loaded with good sources of proteins, fiber, and of course fruits and veggies will boost energy while keeping the weight off. You can’t go wrong!
  • Show Gratitude. Grateful leaders show employees they care which motivates employees to be more productive. Since this time of year brings about stress and possible burnout, showing employees that they are appreciated might be just the thing that prevents employees from becoming unmotivated or feeling disregarded. This can be as simple as writing personalized holiday cards for the employees or just saying a simple “thank you” or “job well-done” will go a long way. This will leave both the employees and employer with a sense of joy and appreciation.
  • Encourage Indoor Exercise. Because of the inherent stressful nature this time of year brings, employees will often feel the nasty effects of stress and may at times carry that stress with them into the workplace. The tendency with carrying around a high level of stress is to become unmotivated and more sedentary. By encouraging employees to simply move their bodies will leave them feeling more work satisfaction and more energized and motivated. Exercise is known to boost productivity, creativity, concentration, and so much more. Exercise also boosts the immune system, so enabling employees the ability to work out during the workday may lead to less used sick days moving forward. So, what better way to decrease stress while boosting morale and productivity than encouraging employees to move their bodies!
  • Extended Lunch Hours. Often times employees feel strapped to their desks and may feel that it is frowned upon or may even tarnish their working reputation by taking a lunch break or even frequent breaks during the work day. There are many, many benefits to not only having a lunch break but having the ability to take multiple short breaks throughout the work day. We’ve hit on morale and productivity a ton in this article, so let’s hit on a few other benefits here. By offering employees the ability to take extended lunch breaks this will help employees achieve better work-life balance, more work place bonding, better eating habits because they won’t feel rushed, and of course decrease stress.

The bottom line here is that employees are the greatest asset to a company so taking care of them will only be more beneficial for the company in the long run. By the time December rolls around employees are already feeling the effects of the entire year and the holidays just adds to the burnout they are likely already feeling. By allowing employees to feel that the employer has their back, will not only help the overall well-being of the employee, but will greatly benefit the bottom line of the company as well. Show employees you care by implementing some of these tips this holiday season!